Girl Eats A Lot Of Poop

Mistress Gaia – Instructions For A Toilet Slave

ITALIAN SPOKENCUSTOM REQUEST – I would like you to order me to shit on a plate and eat everything with a fork. I think you should also prohibit me from rinsing my mouth, so that the taste of shit would remain for hours and the smell would be evident to other people. Clearly, I should film everything and, then, send you the video, to show that I have accomplished your instructions. If you want, you can publish the clip. I would appreciate if you use my name in the clip. I thank you very much for your time and I apologize if my request sounds too bold.

I Piss On The Slave

I am a very beautiful Mistress of 19 yearsI piss on his face and in his open mouth of the slavehe drinks all the slave hihihihihihihit is a very beautiful video

Public Toilet

2 clips from public toilets.1st in the fancy bar.2nd-public mall’s toilet.There are a lot of girls in ladies room-you can hear their voices,and how they walk in and out.At the end of 2nd clip I have to clean the bowl because Ion it;)

Sissy Boy Received A Scatfull In His Mouth! – Part 2

Her buttcheeks are smeared with sticky shit, but I don’t care. I bury my face on it and lick the feces off her ass. I let the scat smear all over my face like a disgusting mask.