Girl Enjoys Her Vomiting

Open Your Mouth For My Shit!

Open your mouth for my shit! I ordered my slave. Brav he laid himself under my toilet chair and also opened his mouth nice to receive my delicacies. Nicely he chewed and swallowed my shit. And since he had done well, the pig was allowed to jerk off and squirt. Reward also has to be.

Bonita De Sax – Jara Jay: Double Piss Humiliation

We had a pretty big porn shoot in Leipzig, Germany. I pulled the two star guests Jara Jay and Bonita De Sax in the bathroom to give ’em a long piss shower. Piss swapping and swallowing, some brain fuck for my two girls… Yeah, we had fun!

Pasta With Shit For Lunch

Even at lunch, there are nasty to me delicious things to eat. Here I shit in the pot with pasta and leave it to taste me then. Well, did you get too hungry?