Girl Face Pee Herslef

My New Toy At The Office

Clip is in German but the pictures are more important, i guess ?A few days ago, I posted a Clip about an apprentice I hired, he started sexual harassment on his first day and thereby became my toilet continues his fate in this clip here.I am in a very good mood when I arrive at the bathroom and once again lay down the law about his duties to come!First, as a little bonus for myself, I brought my smaller Strap-on. I know it’s actually a dildo to put in someones mouth but – for the sake of art – let’s ignore that fact! ?What matters is, that he is up for a little ride whenever it pleases me. Besides all the other little tasks I have in store for little piggies like he is.Like cleaning out my completely soaked panties…. or eating a huge pile of my delicious shit! ?

Roxy Smokes And Piss Second Cam

Princess Roxy smokes and piss on the floor, the slave has to lick all her piss clean.

Mistress Gaia – Always Ready

You must always be ready for me, at all, to every thing that your Mistress orders to you, you can’t just look at my beautiful ass, but you also have to learn to get my shit in your useless mouth!