Girl Fart On Dick

New Toilet Slave. The Beginning Of The Path

I represent my new slave. He’s the current bitch will do everything for the attention of her mistress. It’s started! I’ll teach her this shit, make her my toilet.

Huge Poop – Pussy Play

Sitting on top of the toilet, huge poop and riding the shit with my pussy and butt is covered…

Diarrhea Attack On The Locker Room Floor!

She was enjoying a fine day out in the pool when her stomach grumbled. She tried to keep it calm but the rumblings become stronger. Feeling her ass about to explode she ran to the locker room and to her dismay all toilet stalls were taken. She couldn’t take it any longer; shit started crawling out of her ass, right through her thong bottom. She sat on the floor and unloads all scat, crying and ashamed.

Golden Shower And Spitting Slave

I am relaxing comfortably with my Girls Miss Cherie and Miss Jane, while our slave serves as footstool and table. Sometime we get the snot and we work our living piece of furniture to a spittoon. All spit incessantly in his mouth, until Miss Cherie also has to piss. Practically as a slave, of course she does not need an extra run to the toilet, she simply uses his mouth as a toilet. And again went a nice evening with the girls to an end, let’s see who we pick as the next from the slave staples *smile*.