Girl Farting And Shit Accident

Apples For The Slave

Domi takes her slave for a walk, while she finds a pile of shit in the middle of the forest road. She thinks it’s funny to push the sklven skull right in and order him to eat this shit. She pisses herself off over his face to rinse. The loser doesn’t dare to contradict her, so he swallows everything his mistress serves him.

Toilet Time 60 – 61

Sometimes I take such massive shits that there’s “splash back” from the toilet bowl water. I guess you can call it “When Toilets Fight Back” hehePay close attention to the photographs & GIF, you’ll see I marked for you how the toilet bowl water splashes out up against my thighs and the toilet seat. Trust me guys, we girls can take just as nasty & massive dumps like you. When I sit my sexy ass down to take a shit you can know my shits are so big & ful that the water tries to splash out from being displaced by my turds.I made quite a mess in the toilet today hehe It was a pretty big, nasty & soft load I had this morning. By the way the water splashed back from this huge load it’s like the toilet was fighting a losing battle. My bowel movements always win! – From Toilet Time 60Such a constant flow of shit from me displacing the toilet bowl water right in front of your eyes. The water splashes back so ly from the of my thick & creamy turds it’s almost like the toilet is fighting bag lol– From Toilet Time 61Be sure to check out my other videos including my girl on girl toilet slavery videos in my store xoxo

Extreme Slave-piss In My Mouth! Surprise From My Girlfriend Dirty-priscilla!

Here my girlfriend, Dirty-Priscilla, had invited a slave for me, who can piss awful lot and a long time! Because she knows that I also like to swallow piss.Because she knows that I also like to swallow piss. So she brought the slave to me as a surprise and he pissed me, under the astonished eyes of Dirty Priscilla, a huge amount, hot piss in my mouth. Of course, I completely swallowed these. Well what do you think I get my girlfriend also to swallow piss!?!


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