Girl Farting Long

Stripping And Pissing On The Beach

Posing and teasing on a beach, dressed in a tight blue jeans and black tank top.Slowly taking them off and showing my hot body! Getting horny by the thought someone could see me:) Squatting on the sand dunes with legs wide spread, opening my cunt lips wide and peeing! A beautiful stream of crystal clear warm pee on the sand!

Shitting In Purple Stockings And Heels

Being alone at home and her slaves busy all, Godess dressed in some sexy stockings, purple ones, and assorted a high heels also purple ! then she fill a cup with her shit and piss for a future meal of her toilets.

I Got The Bubbleguts!!

MargaRita had the bubbleguts the other day. Man was she in pain! And the smell was some kind of terrible!! So bad we both had to turn the fan on and Lysol the the whole damn house!! Explosive Splashes, diarrhea, farts and more in this one. Her best ever scene!! If only they had smell-o-vision!! A great one for you fans of Belly noises as you can really hear her stomach gurguling and growling and rumbling!! One of the Loudest, funkiest clips ever!!! The Farts and squirts coming out her ass simultaneously will drive you wild!!! Margarita couldn’t even take the smell herself!!

Damn Prune Juice

I was in bed letting one go when I realize it was more than gas. I quickly stood up in time for the mess to land on the floor. I turned on the cam and began cleaning it up and laid out a bed protector. I sit my shitty ass on the bed protector and let go all the piss and poop I was holding it. There is one part that really felt awesome…can you tell what part? At the end I wipe most of the mess on my cheeks, so my robe would not get messy on the way to the bathroom.