Girl Farting Sex

Ns & Kv Cleaning Slave

The mistress has to shit very urgently. Her gut squeezes and she screams loud and evil for her slave, who has anxiously crawled in the corner.On all fours the slave crawls under the toilet seat and licks the shit of the mistress from the floor. The mistress shits on the slave’s skull. After that, the mistress shits another big shit right in his mouth. Shit on the floor, shit on the sole of the mistress’s wellies. Licking and licking is the motto of the mistress and piss drink from source abound.

Eat My Shit! Bitch!

And the next shit-toilet slave serving me like a living toilet. The slave was ready, his mouth wide open, lying on the floor. That he had everything that was in his mouth, and he could see my horny ass as he sang. What the slave did not know was that I had diarrhea. And that’s why I snatched from him a real huge Shit-Storm in my mouth. Beautifully soft, I pushed him a huge diaper bandage into his toilet.

500+ Farts & Filth

MASSIVE Compilation comprised of 6 TOP SELLING CLIPS. Liquid Shitting into My Slaves Nose, Shart Injections, First Time Eating My Shit, Scat Torture, Farts & Shit Crammed into my slaves nose, and FART PRANK BACKFIRED!! Each fart and shart is just seconds apart. PACKING this clip FULL of filth. Almost every action point has been cropped and cut into this clip from all 6 clips, making it nearly 6 clips in one. Can you handle it? How long until you bust?!

My Orgasm And Shit

Fooling around in bed, I get my toys out and start playing with my toys and have multiple orgasms; once my partner sticks his finger up my ass I have to shit!He runs and gets me a bucket so I can shit off the side of the bed.