Girl Fartmask

P – Kmw – Drink Our Pee And Lick Our Dirty Feet – Day 02 – Full – A – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 15:42. Weronika and Klaudia sit opposite each other. They have dirty feet. Girls clean they feet using male tong. But this is not enough. They pee a lot and he must drink all this fluid.Polish language.

Toiletslave At Toiletlevel Lady1

Three ladies using one after another the same toiletslave which is lieing on the floor in the bathroom and waiting for the ladies and her big bunches and swallowing all the shit.

A Toilet Slave Knows What To Do

Here the Girls use their Slave as Toilet again. By now, they figured, he must know to move his head under their Feet, to close his Mouth until he finished eating.English Subtitles

Drink My Piss

I decided to treat my slave to some more of my hot golden piss! I had him on the bathroom and while I was getting ready to piss for him I felt a fart brewing … so of course I shoved my ass on top of his head and blew it right in his face! After that I squatted over his face and had him drink me. Of course his sorry ass missed some, so I made him lick it up off the dirty bathroom floor!!! He will get it right someday!