Girl Features Fart

My Shit For Breakfast

My stupid wake me up from my beauty sleep, expecting me to make him some breakfast. What the hell! He can’t be that stupid! So I make it pretty clear that his breakfast most likely will consist of bread, or what is processed trough my body! I tell him to lay down, and I will for sure feed him with my shit! That is all he get! First I put a big dump in his mouth, but there is more.. I give him a double dose for breakfast! I give him some pee in between the turds, so that he can drink something as well. When I am done I ask if he was happy about his breakfast.. He was smart enough to say yes! While he was consuming his breakfast I went to have my morning shower.Double cam filmed. The shitting is included from both cam angles.

Anus Wide Open And Huge Turds In The Woods

Mistress Lilly was playing again, more and more ! The more, the kinkier ! She love to shit in the woods and she done 3-4 times again. She jogging or ride her bicycle and when she arrived in the woods, she just relieve a huge torrent of shit, 3-4 times ! The best scat Goddess in public from our store! We are proud to have her in our store and she can be the reason for remaining on the first place in top stores !

The Act Of Defecation

Today have a more shit for my toilet slaves. I want to shit right in the mouth. And if you ready to swallow and eat my shit just open wider your mouth and catch my piece of shit. This is a very tasty dinner for my toilet slaves. Come to me, I will feed you.

New!princess Mia Pov Humiliation Scat

NEW!Princess Mia POV HUMILIATION SCATSmearing,suffocation, strangulation, choke, spitting,