Girl Feeds Her Boyfriend Her Shit

Italian Full Toilet Part 1 Footworship

Must have video!Sooner or later, every human reaches their potential in life. Some succeed in their career, some in sports, but for a slave, the highest you can go is serving a Goddess like me, to the fullest extent. As you can guess, I have a ton of candidates eager to please me in any way possible, but I pick just the ones that catch my eye the most. Not all slaves deserve the honour of being in the same room as me, touching me, or even having a taste of me. This slave came all the way from Italy, just so he can please me, and to reach the ultimate level of a slave looser, to be my personal toilet for a day. I take his commitment as a sign of loyalty, and I know how to treat slaves that are loyal. They can have my lowest possible things, to worship, adore and consume. The delicious dirt under my shoes is to be eaten, my holy and beautiful feet are to be cleaned, my farts are better than air itself and my shit makes me become a part of you. You are what you eat, right hahaha? Isn’t he lucky !? Even if it smells, and tastes foul, he keeps on eating, because my pleasure is more important than a slave’s feelings, and puking my sacred shit is something I don’t tolerate. I am just a single individual, yet I feed people from all around the globe, that’s just the kind Goddess I am.

Mistress Roberta – Shit Glazed White Socks -pov

After doing your breakfast i decided to give you the food to lick it clean off my white socks wich in the end were brown but today you will get the chance to eat directly from my smeared,shit glazed white socks my slave and i hope you will enjoy it, bon apetit!

Scat 4

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Domestic Slave Drinks Golden Juice And Eats Massive Shit

A human captive domestic slave is put onto the floor and controled by his mistresses whip. She orders him to open his mouth and then delivers a steady stream of golden juice into his mouth. After she is finished, she is ready to take a shit and this shit is a massive log that she pushes out of her beautiful asshole and delivers more than a mouthful into his open mouth. Afterwards, he obediently cleans his mistress. *SPECIAL DISCOUNT*