Girl Films Her Self Pooping

Oxana Panty Poop Addiction

Oxana is pooping nice shit in her new pink panties with addiction to her big butt!

Piss Served For Breakfast!

After an all-nighter at the job, all this man wants is to partake of his favorite beverage – piss. So he goes to a bar that can give him that, courtesy of a pretty girl who doesn’t mind getting paid for her bodily fluids. He makes her bend over and give him access to her perky ass. He plays and fingers her pussy and anus, priming it to release piss. He shoves his face into her ass and drinks piss straight from her pussy, satisfying his craving.

Oops! I Shit My Capri’s

Driving home, Erica has to shit so badly! She finally pulls into her garage and runs to the door only to find it locked!!! No one is home so she just explodes in her pants. No one is home to let her in and she has to wait in her shit filled pants until someone comes home to let her in the house.