Girl First Shit Eating

First Steps Of Toilet Slavery

My toilet slavegirl will taste my shit for the first time! She is still having fun, does not know what awaits her and that very soon she will eat his pounds. Soon, very soon, I will teach her to be my proper toilet. So, the training begins

Huge Turds On The Toilet!!!

I am at my friend’s house and have to shit so bad! I grab my phone and decide to shoot a clip on the fly as I sit on the toilet and poop out turd after turd! After taking that big shit I grab a turd that fell on the floor and proceed to play with it a little bit…maybe I put it in my mouth, I don’t know…;)

Mistress Gaia’s Delicious Champagne

It is not true the best champagne is be drawn from grapes. It spouts from my pussy… If you wanna see that, purchase the clip. If you wanna drink it, contact me at the mail: But I tell you: it costs as the most expensive Champagne trademark…