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Bbw Giantess Humiliation Pantyhose Poop

You’ve been a horribly, abusive boss. You’ve constantly harassed me at work and when I refused to give in, you fired me. My husband and I are so pissed off that we both decide to permanently shrink you so that we can abuse and humiliate YOU NOW. I talk down to the tiny man stuck between my toes and tell him that my husband and I have decided to keep him shrunk forever. As I step on him and roughly squish him with my toes & shoes… I talk about how he is no better than the other dirt on the bottom of my feet. He is nothing but my toe jam now. I love the idea of keeping him under my feet and in my shoes while I make my feet as dirty, nasty and smelly as possible. I also put on my hose with him trapped under my toes. I talk about how hot and smelly my feet get in my hose, and how he will live in there for weeks at a time. Finally, I let him know that I am going to let my husband torture him with his feet, too. I talk about secretly dropping him in my husband?s shoes when he is going to the gym or to work and he wouldn’t even know that my boss was suffering between his nasty toes. Later I would tell him about my boss, and he would love the idea of torturing him with his gross feet. I talk about all the different ways my husband would torture him with his feet.I decide my boss isn’t suffering enough just under my husband and I’s feet. So, I decide to make things even nastier for him. I cover him in spit, make him clean out my nose, and squeeze him between my sweaty boobs. I tell him that for the rest of his life, he will only survive with what comes out of my body. I tell him about all the horrible things that my husband is going to do with him too. He can?t wait to blow his nose on him, and drop him in his underwear so he spends days under his balls! Since my boss was such an asshole, that is where he deserves to live. I trap him in my ass and subject him to one of my farts. I decide there is only one fitting end for my boss: he will live for the rest of his life as my husband and I?s ass and toilet slave. My husband can?t wait to shit on him! He will also want to take him to work and to the gym and make him live in the men?s toilet and urinal for days at a time. I proceed to tell him all about what life will be like in my toilet. After I have gone through all of the different ways I am going to torture him with my ass, I tell him that he has one more job. I have to take a shit, and I’ve decided to do it right in my hose with him against my asshole. I take a shit with him trapped in there so he gets completely covered. I spend the last couple of minutes with him buried in my shit….teasing & taunting him. He better get used to it! He’s going to be in there for awhile 😉