Girl Gets Pee On Glory Hole

Employee Punished With Piss Drinking! – Part 1

After the ladies summoned the man, they proceed to make him strip off his clothes! Without hesitation, he complies, eventually leaving him with only his underwear! He is then made to get down on his knees on the floor! This is when things took a turn for the worst! One of the women lifts up her skirt and then urinates inside a glass! When she fills it up, she hands it over to the guy and makes him drink every drop of it! Left with no choice, he does what they ask! After he finishes, he bends over and begs for mercy!

Eat My Shit, Slave

*Notice: a very small amount (less than half an inch) of my blue tampon string is visible in this video.* The camera is set on the floor, pointing up at me as if you are kneeling in front of me. I address you as my slave, telling you that you’ve done a lot for me over the time we’ve spent together, but today you are going to do the most humiliating and degrading thing you can do for a Mistress. You’re going to eat my shit as it drops from my ass. I tell you to kneel for your Mistress and get ready for your meal. Open wide for my generous offering and feel it filling up your mouth. I instruct you to bite it, chew it and swallow it, then I order you to lick my asshole clean too.

The Daily Urine Of The Mistress Is The Source Of The Slave’s Life

The mistress loved to let the slaves drink their own urine every day, and the two slaves fought to drink.

Who Of Your Shiteaters Is Up For Toilet Duty Part 1

In this Video the Girls use the Slave to clean their Feet and then to poop into him