Girl Gets Vomited And Shit On

Mistress Gaia – My Sugar Coated Shit

I ordered my slave to bring me a coffee as I always enjoy one after my breakfast. I notice he has brought me a little sachet of white suger. What a stupid slut. White suger makes me sick!! I’m going to teach him a lesson to make sure this never happens again. With him on his knees at my table. I tell him he is going to enjoy the suger. I get the dog bowl and show it to him. This will be his breakfast bowl from now on. The slut is going to have to eat my shit from the bowl every morning until all saches of suger are finished… I stand up and remove my panties, then I tell him to make sure the bowl is in place to receive a nice portion of my shit. After filling the bowl. I get my slut to lick my ass clean. Sitting back down I open the saches of suger, and pour them over the top of his breakfast of shit. He’s going to eat all of it. I spoon feed him a couple of mouthfuls, then tell him he MUST finish his breakfast of my shit. I relax and watch my slut until he has emptied his dog bowl of shit. As there is a full box of suger saches to be used up. I order the slut to go and clean his bowl ready for tomorrows breakfast of my shit. Yummy!!

Eat My Friend’s Shit!

You know when I have a party with friends, the slave’s must be prepared for anything. Anna is sitting on the porch having a smoke, and I want my slave to eat her shit! So to make sure something comes out I put a enema up her ass.My slave should be lucky, because today he have had a buffet of shit from me and Vivian earlier. It is not everyday we serve dinner 3 times the same day! Anna squats over my slave, and I tell him to get ready for whatever comes out, and he has to eat it all! I love so much to humiliate my pathetic toilet slaves! Anna keeps pushing, and his mouth is very close to her ass, so whatever drops down should land directly in his toilet mouth. She shits a couple of logs in his mouth and he swallows it all.. So this slave should be happy that he have been fed so much today!

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Shit Food

milktity shits then eats it