Girl Hitting Pee

I Will Fulfill Any Your Whims, Mistresses

I will fulfill any your whims, Mistresses. Today the toilet slave had to perform several roles. The girls decided to have fun with him in full. At first, he was for them a doggy, which was supposed toexecute any commands. Then he was an ashtray and footrest. If the slave did not cope well with his duties, the girls were punishing him. Finally, it came that he waited the most. He had performed the role of toilet for girls. The girls hadgiven a lot of urine, so the slave had a hard time. In fact, he was flooded. Buthe withstood this stream and then was able to eat the shit of each of the girls.

Absolutely Filled

I have a permanent toilet slave to visit Me everytime when I want it, and he looking forward to eating My delicious shit! So I’m sitting over his head to feed him. My shit was really liquid and disgusting that day, which made it even harder for him to consume. I filled his dirty stinky mouth. Now he is a full toilet for me! I am happy with this liberation, and will soon have it trained up to be a perfect shit eater, guzzling it down.

Matilda’s Insane Shit Madness – Second Camera Raw Footage – Part 1

This is footage from second Camera. Half of ght original video.. so to say ? demo versionHi everyone, here I am, with a Brand New Video.. I had a lack of time with my institute activities, so didn?t have much possibility to shoot myself, so all my scat activity was in loneliness, mostly with myself. But today I have passed through my last exam and decided to celebrate it with a huge shit fireworks and vomit eruption. In this video I shit, squirt, vomit, piss, almost fist my ass, swallow my shit and doing a lot of other nice things.So, Enjoy.Matilda

P – Mw – Drink My Pee – Full – 03 – Hd 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 11:32. Weronika using a man as a human toilet. She pee to his mouth and make his stomach full.