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Enchantress Rhea’s Tummy Tumult!!

The Enchantress is back at it!! Enchantress Rhea’s Tummy was giving her fits in these two scenes. Her pain = your gain!! Enjoy as she prepares a delicious plate of brown goods in the first clip. She squats her big ass down and releases a load right over the plate. In the 2nd scene, she was still having tummy troubles. She ate some ribs and “they got my tummy on 10!” as she says, lol. She sits down to take a FUNKY Dump. Had her fanning herself!! Another two hot clips from Enchantress Rhea!!

Scat Goddess – Ashtray And Cumming Before Scat

Today Scat Goddess continue her dirty movies : She order her toilet to stroke and cumm for her a day before but he cannot, so she call him early in this morning to continue his stroking and see him cumm and eat his sperm ! As a reward, she feed him a nice meal of her kaviar in bathtub. Another great movie, recorder again with 2 cameras, here is just one camera angle, other angle is posted on Mistress shop.

It Is Very Smelly Girl

It is very smelly girl. Her shit has a smell and taste more harsh and sweet than Christina’s shit and its much harder to swallow, but it’s very tasty! In the process of shooting, the toilet seat could not stand its weight and broke – it was ridiculous! In the shit of Yana, there were a lot of undigested nuts, which crunched loudly in my mouth.

Filling The Mouth Of My Toiletslave With My Delicious Shit

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