Girl Is Peeing Naked

Morning Visit To The Girls

Morning visit to the girls. Girls have recently woken up and yet have not washed and did not eat. Christina has a feeling of diarrhea, she holds on to her stomach and farts, I myself did not hear it, but Lisa said. Now the morning – the girls are sleepy, especially Christina, because this night she spent with her boy. Last time, Lassie could not shit and she suffered 4 days – she really tried hard! The slave told me in secret: the morning girls are the most delicious!

Smell My Stinky Ass

Three short clips with my beautiful butt and tasty shit. In the first clip I have constipation, the poop goes hard, you will see my hemorrhoids. In the second clip at the beginning there are droppings and next nice poop. The third clip I shitting of a beautiful long snake. Look at my sweet, stinky ass and feel the smell and taste of my shit.

Mistress Roberta – Small Sosages For Breakfast-pov

Today at breakfast i will serve a bit hard the freshh small sosages shit in pee soup and the dish is not full without the toilet paper just used to whipe my ass .

Hard Scat Binge 1

Divine Mistress Isabella sits on Her toilet chair and shits a huge turd directly into the gaping mouth of the sissy slave carlotta, and she will have to eat it all. Italian language. Part 1.