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So I finally managed to document peeing in the train. Before you imagine full HD camera teams filming every move, this is not what I could do. I had to be extremely cautious and sneaky. At least, I felt/feel that I have to.On top of that, my cellphone camera is really bad. What this means is, I attached my small hd camcorder to my thigh under a long, black skirt. I have tested and planned this for a long time, so it’s the best I could do. That means that most of the clip, you ‘live’ under my skirt as a secret traveler. You hear all the train sounds and people around me, also the noise of my skirt against the camera when I move and most of all, you see how much I wet myself. I soak my panty below the skirt, unbeknownst to anyone around me! I was so afraid to be found out, you have no idea.We start at my home, where I briefly explain what I am going to do, then I wet my panty just to get into the mood. I walk to the train and stop once more to wet, then enter the train. You see my upskirt cam on full screen and sometimes my cellphone picture as a small addition at the top left corner. As I hid my phone most of the time, I cut out all the black video and just show that extra little video whenever I had made useful pictures, which was twice I think. After the train stopped at a big station where most people would get out, I let all the people go first so I could leave last and my stained seat would not be noticed until I was gone. A big piss puddle had been building up because of my synthetic skirt and I also left a trail of pee drops when I left. My heart was racing as I ‘fled the scene’, I did not look back, let alone film the seat. It’s really stupid, I know, but I was too afraid. However, I am glad I finally got at least some recordings!Now you know what to expect, it’s a subtle clip where you mostly just feel how naughty we are: Get under my skirt, we need to get onto this pee train now!Fun fact: When the train slows down at the station, a girl right next to me actually tells her friends that she had been bursting to pee once but that she did not want to get up because it was so warm under her blanket.. whatever she means by that, it’s unbelievable that she would say that exactly when a random girl next to her was filming a naughty pee video…which she obviously had no clue about. I really couldn’t believe it.It was a huge risk that I normally charge more for, but with the mixed quality I decided on a special price this time across all versions.

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