Girl Knockout And Peed On

Mistress Roberta – Today’s Small Breakfast And Bath -pov-part1

Today you get only 2 pieces of shit to get a small snack before going to bath thub to eat drink and bath but in this part you will only get the pee and 2 small pieces of poop, enjoy!

Big Pile Of Napkin Poo (part 1)

Your so hungry for my poo, but I your Chocolate Mistress has tied your hands down and they can not move. I have no other choice than to feed you.

Driving School

If the driving teacher knew who I am, he had not been so impertinent. After a short lesson, he is knocked out by me with a kick in his balls and then bound. Aldy Ginger used him as a toilet afterwards. So helpless, he had no choice to swallow the golden shower from lady Ginger.