Girl Korean Japan Toilet Pee

Double Pissing Tastes Better

Contessa Calucci uses her slave Rosella and her friend Mara-Martinez as a toilet. Loads of delicious pee spill into the mouth of the slave, more than he can swallow. But the ladies know no mercy. Even the last drop he has to lick from the floor. It must be a slave! 🙂

Mistress Roberta -double Breakfast-pov

Today i took my jar near me because i feel like peeing alot i pee on top of the jar untill is half full with the golden nectar you wait every morning put the jar away and shit a big creamy pile of shit a double portion of poop squeezing it all out and after pee some more so i add more flavour to the shit after i give you my ass hole to lick it clean shaking it in front of you and i give you a close up of my shit and the pee jar your breakfast .

Laundry Basket

I have been a little sick lately 🙁 but feeling much better now and I have a new clip for you guys! Come watch me take a big shit and piss in my laundry basket 🙂 I then give you a very close up look of my scat and I know you wish you could be sinking your teeth into my delicious goodness right bout now…you naughty boy!!!