Girl Licks Fart From Anus

Bedpan Decorated With Shit Sausage

Finally, again recorded what my accessories. Look at how a mega great, hard, firm, brown, warm sausage put in the bedpan. A close-up at the end 🙂

Describing Diet & Bm Bent Over Poo

@ 6 Min ? I Start Off Telling You About My Last BM Then About What I Had 2 Eat Lately. Then Take A Look At My Dirty Brown Hole Winking At You Before I Shit Right In Front Of You While Dirty Talking. Then I Show Off My Nice Dirty Asshole & The Fresh Steaming Pile I Left For You!!

Sexy Loud Farts And Brown Poo Bombs From A Chocolate Goddess

I drop fire cracker farts from the hole and throw shit bombs at you.