Girl Like Shit Cow

Toilet Slavery – Shit Hole

Slowly I lowered my ass to the seat. I knew the anticipation of this moment was what my slave had been mentally focusing on for weeks. This act he was about to perform, the privilege of taking his Mistress’s shit. I knew that in his mind, this was the supreme moment, the supreme test of his ability to serve his Mistress.I knew the light would be shining, illuminating the awesome wonder of my ass directly above him. I was patient and let him enjoy the moment.Sometimes I mount the seat with the slave’s feet behind me. This time, his feet were in front of me. I leaned forward and punched his balls and dick. With the other hand, I did the same. I then ordered to lick my ass. I sensed activity below me. The slave was cleaning my ass quickly swallowing the fecal traces. I relaxed my sphincter and allowed the slave a glimpse of his next meal. I let a bit of the solid stool be expelled and then pinched it off. I waited another minute and repeated the process, pinching off the second morsel. Relaxing my sphincter once more, I released the entire turd. I felt it slowly issue from my ass until there was no more. He is a toilet so this is his destiny and maybe yours too!

Goodness Grace’s Last Meal!!

Goodness Grace has gone Vegan!! If you haven’t noticed from her last two or three clips – it’s leading to even bigger and better poops than ever!! Prior to going vegan, she recorded this lovely clip of her last meal, and expunging it!! Apparently her last dish before renouncing all meat and an animal products is naturally one that covers all bases – Pizza!! She saved one last slice just for a lucky fan that she enhanced with her own “Special topping”!! The “Sausage” That came out of her was friggin’ bigger than the slice of pizza itself!!! Goodnesss Grace is back in 18′ with bigger and better turds than ever!!

Eat My Shit And Clean Me !

He wants to quit and give up but I don’t allow it even if he is gagging from the smell and the taste, he has to be trained by the best, he has to learn his damn place in life…which is another toilet bowl for the Mistress Anna! I always enjoy feeding and teasing my little pets so I laugh and smile throughout the whole video encouraging the shit face to eat more and more!

Hmmmm Shitting Horny …

Again a thick sausage for a user. Do you like how I’m in front of you? I press a hard sausage for you out!