Girl Long Turd

Daizo Has A Mouthful- Part 2

The ladies’ hands made smooth, squashing sounds as they ground up the turd on Daizo’s chest. Daizo was now completely covered in warm shit, and his mouth and nose had nothing else but the scent and taste. The giggling mistresses continued playing with the shit, getting it into their fingernails, before pushing their fingers into their stinking pussies now filled with pussy juice, mingling with shit and pee.

Chunky Monkey

Chunky but cute girl takes of cloths off and in doggy style does a huge shit on the floor, she shows it close up after, also shows her dirty asshole and wipes her ass, showing the dirty toilet paper.

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Toilet Slave Swallows Alina Shit

Today, Alina delivered an ultimatum to her toilet slave – either you swallow my shit, or I’ll find myself another toilet slave who will like the taste of my shit! It was a real, difficult test for him – in the evening Alina ate a lot of varied food from which at night she farted a smelly smell and her stomach ached. The slave swallowed all the shit and coped with the task. He deserved to continue his destiny as a lively living toilet for Alina.