Girl Make Shit With Mask

Ladies Eating Pussies And Feces! – Part 4

The ladies swap the feces in between their mouths before swallowing! They then smear the remaining poop all over their bodies! However, it isn’t the end of it! Shortly after, the other woman defecates and her partner is fast to catch everything on her hands!

Poop Lipstick!

I just took a really nasty shit and I got the idea of using my poop as lipstick. I get carried away as I smear my delicious scat all over my mouth and proceed to smear it all around my beautiful lips…

Angellike Huge Shit

Suitable for Halloween I come to you as an angel, which lies down an explosive giant shit for you. First I tease for you, seduce you as a dark angel, and I’ll show you what an angel can do – and that’s a lot! :->