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Chiara – Dog Shit Man 2

mistress CHIARA in a new amateur video really homemade. she makes dog slave licks for a long time her foot, pinching him with needles. Then she makes a large quantity of pee, making him drink until he suffocates it. But the poop remains and CHIARA makes a piece of poop in the mouth and with a shovel stick it in his throat and spread it in the face and chest ….


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Baking Poonut Cookies!!!

Hi guys!!! I know I haven’t posted in a while but I’m back and this time one of my fans asked for some Poo Nut Cookies! He wants me to mix my delicious shit with some peanut butter so I can bake him some yummy cookies…I have to say it come out pretty nice especially as I mixed in my golden nectar to make them extra nice 😉


Angel is naughty filling satin flowers panties with huge shit!