Girl Need To Fart Badly

Toilet Slave For Veronica Moser P2

Veronica Moser is now alone with the toilet slave and fully in her element. She uses the toilet slaves for her desire, smears herself and the slave with shit and then sits on his face. His slave mouth is still full of shit, that makes Veronica Moser even more horny. He just has to lick her pussy. This makes the toilet slaves also greedy and is itself excited. Afterwards, Veronica Moser smokes a cigarette with pleasure and uses the slave as a human ashtray.

Baboon Ass

Mistress I cannot stand pain, I cannot swallow scat, I have such sensitive nipples, mistress please not my balls…What a moaning I must hear from a slave who thinks he has rights! He did not see, that his body is MINE! And I can do with it, whatever I want!Of course he is used as toilet, I torture his balls and nipples and whip is ass until it is boring to me. In the end he as a real baboon ass. *smile* (pee, scat, whipping, nippletorture, spitting)

In Line Shitting Part 4

Here the Girls sit on the Furniture and poop and what happens behind them is somebody elses Business Part 4 English Subtitles