Girl Needs To Poop Verry Badly

Mary Jane’s Public Pee, Snakes, And Explosions!

Mary Jane Mary Jane!! What a great summer collection my favorite undergrad has sent in!! She’s back with three great quick and FUNKY clips!! Enjoy as she makes the most of her break at her summer job to bring some great new peeing and plopping action!! Enjoy as she begins with a nice pee scene. Then Enjoy as she begins the second scene with a strong piss, before finishing with an EVEN STRONGER dump!! Man did she shit out a lot in under 2 minutes!! Then enjoy in the final scene as she squats above the toilet to let out a nice long snake! What in the hell has she been eating this summer!! Mary Jane has made this her FUNKIEST summer yet in the three years she has been keeping it funky for us!! Back to school now, but what great memories!!

Slave Training Fully Loaded! – Part 2

She smears the sticky shit all over his face and makes him eat it. He moans in protest, wanting her to stop for a while. Irritated by the interruption, she shoves her foot in his mouth and makes him eat more shit.

Shitgirls Around The Globe

A fanastic compilation of shitting and shittloving girls from Czech, Austria, England, Slovakia… Great turds from teenage asses…