Girl Ordered To Shit

Pooping And Showing Texture Of My Shit

I poop my ass facing you on the floor. You can see my asshole opening and a hard log coming out. In the next scene I am filming my shit from a closer angle with my HD camera. You can see all the details of my poop. I show you the bigger piece first. I turn it over, then take it in my hands and show my poop in every angles. I take the hard knobbly piece of shit in my hands. I take it appart. I squash little pieces of shit with my fingers. You can really see the difference of texture between the different pieces of shit that came out from my ass. ***This is the SD/MOBILE Version of the clip. You can also find the HD version of the clip in my store.***

Mistress Roberta – Long Latex Glove Feeding – Part 2

I pee on his entire body and specialy aiming the cock after i shit a bit in the latex long glove so i can feed him pushing the shit in his mouth and after i shit all over his head and cover his body with the shit even stroke his cock with my shit .

A Soft Funk In Between

Before the next hard one here still nen soft scared …. Yummy porridge: D