Girl Pant Shittinfg

Transform You Twice

This is custom order, no names were used.You transforming me into sentient food that cant die and as a reward you eat me so your goddess body make major improvements on my inferior existence as it slides though you. Also you make fun of my extreme pain and suffering as your goddess tummy digests me in extreme pain. Then you make fun of me as you are shitting me out knowing ill have to live forever in that lowly form.

Toilet For 4 Ladies

This toilet was used by 4 mistresses, they humiliated him by taking golden and brown showers right on his face and mouth.

Peeing On Her Pussy

Peeing on her pussy (JJ000534)

Mistressanna – Toilet In Chastity Day1

The process of changing a human being into a toilet is not as simple as you might think. Even after you think you have stripped a slave of its last shred of self-respect there is still the little piece of fish bait dangling between its legs, constantly tempting it to go astray. That is why a chastity device is so important. Properly applied it prevents any inappropriate use of the penis and presents the testicles in a convenient position where they can be damaged and tormented. All hair is removed from the slaves body so it is further emasculated and dehumanized. The slave¬ís genitals are thus rendered futile and defenseless and perfectly positioned for target practice.So, slapping its vulnerable balls hello, I enter wearing a simple but fashionable blue dress that shows my gorgeous legs to maximum advantage. My skin is glowing in the early morning light as I take my seat over the slave. My smile is radiant in the continuous inset of my face, as the slave struggles to lubricate the delicate folds of my asshole while I bounce my bare feet on its balls. The slave has truly become addicted to its own degradation and to my shit as it practically sucks from my asshole my shit, which overflows and forms a cone of brown covering toilet-boy’s mouth. As I leave my throne my body, naked from the waste down, is graceful and glowing. Key to the process of transition a slave from human being to toilet is fostering the sense of learned helplessness. So the slave must suffer even though it has been perfectly obedient. Otherwise, it might develop a sense of control over its destiny. So I pummel the little ‘goo grapes’ with my beautiful bare feet and hands while the slave struggles to breath. Not to pleasant for my slave, but I am sure you will be MASTURBATING while imagining you are in its place as MY TOILET.