Girl Pee Bikini

Mistress Gaia – Lunch Then Punishment – Hd Version

This slave is here to enjoy a lunch break with me. However, he’s not going to have some sandwiches and a coffee. I’m going to make him enjoy the delight of eating my shit, and washing it down with a basin of my pee. He has to crawl and kiss my feet while I shit in his dog bowl. That’s his dinner plate for today. He then has to finish kissing my feet while I pee in a white basin. He’s going to have the luxury of washing down my delicious shit by drinking my amber necter from the basin. I have warned my slut not to make a mess. However he’s so stupid, and spills some pee on the floor. I order him to clean it up before I punish him with my whip…


Oxana is naughty loading huge shit in yellow tights for you!

And The Next Slave Filled With Piss!

Here I filled another slave with my divine piss. He got a Mega Piss beam into his slaves mouth. So much so that he barely managed, with the swallowing of my hot piss! My hard mega piss beam in the slaves mouth you can see from 2 camera angles!