Girl Pee By Many

Toilet Director

I’m your boss and you are my toilet. Serve me anytime and anywhere and I’ll thank you with my shit. Lick my wet and swollen pussy then smoothly go to my asshole. Shove your tongue deeper in my ass. You feel like something hard about bitter concerns your tongue, slave? Right – this is your afternoon snack. Open wider mouth and eat. Eat stupid beast. Loser….

Mistress Gaia – Sensual Scat Humiliation

CUSTOM REQUEST- You can call me JB is good enough. Also, a pathetic loser, shitdog, faggot, shitface or sick freak. Maybe make me wear pantyhose that I have to shit in. Make me piss in my own face, and gag on a dildo until I vomit. All humiliating things I must do while you watch.

Shit In Bathtub

My wife makes shit in hotel’s bathtub.