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Mistress Dark Phoenyx Turd Sucker

The beautiful Mistress Dark Phoeynx comes by to use the human toilet. She humiliates and teases the toilet slave while filling his mouth up with her warm piss and having him suck her divine turds out of her beautiful ass of her. She loves feeding shit boys and can be followed and contacted on twitter @dark_Phoenyx.

Gargling Piss Is Her Thing!

It’s her birthday today and she plans to do something she’s never done before. She’s not ready to venture into eating her own shit, but she can tolerate her own piss! So he gives her a glass bowl which she can piss on. After unloading a stream of warm urine, she brings the bowl to her lips and sips from it! She takes it a level further and gargles the liquid in her mouth!

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And the next all-absorbing toilet slave who has applied to me, to serve me as a living-loo. First, I spit the worm in its mouth before he got to swallow a fat-charge of my Spicy-pee. After that I pooped a fat portion of my Smelly shit into his slaves mouth. He has this, then completely swallowed, and that he actually eats the whole shit, I fed him with a spoon. As a reward, I have blown his cock deep and he splashed off in a very short time!

It’s Hard To Pee…

…… for a shy girl! Jenny has to pee very urgently! She runs to the toilet and starts to undress immediately. Then she sits down at the toilet bowl. A little bit of pee is leaving her pussy – but then it’s hard to continue. She decides to stand up and tries it again… that’s much better now! There is so much pee firing out of her pussy now! She messes up the whole ground. She decides to clean it again – but doing so makes her so horny that she has to play with her pussy. To finger her wet hole she sits down at the toilet bowl – and starts to pee again! Now she cannot stop – and fingers her pussy until she has an awesome orgasm…!