Girl Peeing A Lot



Smearing Shit On My Butt!

I ate so much last night I just know this is going to be a humongous shit! Come see me climb on my bed and get on my hands and knees to poop out an endless stream of creamy poop. I them grab a handful and start smearing my delicious poo all over my ass cheeks…so sexy!

Broadlegged Shit With A Dress

In a sweet little dress and boots I poop a hot curled sausage just in front of your eyes onto the ground! A beautiful large serving, lightcoloured and creamy!

Be My Fucking Toilet Slave! (360p Wmv)

Hey there! Useless piece of shit! I hate the feeling of toilet paper on my soft skin. I don’t want to use it anymore. So it’s good that YOU are here! You will clean me! Put your tongue out and lick my pussy clean. Lick every single drip of my pee! Yeah, that’s much better than using toilet paper! But you know I don’t have to pee only…! You will have to clean my ass too ? Of course, also with your tongue!