Girl Peeing Fear

My Smelly Poop

My ass is just filled with turds tonight! Loud and blasting turds. Licking my ass hole! I poop out some cute sexy nuggets with pleasure 😉

Toilet Slave Instruction Game On Skype Call

We’ve been hanging out on Skype for years but now that your date with another pretty girl has gone well for you in real life – I’m a little jealous! I’ll never admit it but I miss when I got all of your attention and I want it back!———————————————–You lose a bet to me and that means the two of us play a game of chance. I roll dice to see what happens to you and lets just say it involves you making quite a mess of your pants! If I get a 6 it means you have to do whatever I want, no questions asked.—————————————————–Before watching this video you’ll need to have to pee and shit pretty badly – be desperate if you’d like to play along! Specifically, for full immersion into the fantasy, drink a bunch of coffee :)————————————————Impress me, your online friend, and don’t worry about your irl girl ever finding out!

Anna Feeds Her Slave

I HAVE TO TAKE A DUMP, AND YOU’RE GOING TO GET IT-RIGHT IN YOUR WIMPY TOILET MOUTH!! It’s really an easy concept to understand ! Now open wide my little toilet, and get ready to eat my shit, you total loser. I’ve been holding it in for a really long time now, and it can’t wait any longer. I don’t know if you could tell, with all the gas I’ve been having recently.And … LOL what HUGE shit ! Hahahaha do You like it ??? Because you must like it luser ! This is your fate !