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Goddess Anita Huge Diarrhea And Shit Into Bath Tub

Goddess Anita as alone at home today and she feel so full of shit inside her. Because her toilets were unavailable for use, she go to bathtub and doing a huge mess inside:) She shit a lot and then clean her asshole and take a shower. She was dressing in a crotchless pantyhose and staying dressed in them while shitting.

Fart & Tasting Her Own Shit!

This is what real self-love is all about – liking the taste of your own fluids, even your asshole juice! She bends over and he pulls down her panties so he can see her nice asshole. He rams his finger into it, finger fucks it hard, and pulls out. He brings his finger to her lips and makes her taste herself. She licks his fingers, loving the combination of shit and sweat taste of her fluids.

A Lot Of Kilk And Some Shit

I really just wanted to give my slave just some enema milk from my ashole, but (un)fortunatlly some shit came out with the milk. Anyway he needs to drink the milk and eat the shit 🙂