Girl Peeing In Her Underwear

Lady Jasmine Black, Delicious Champagne Of The Mistress

Lady Jasmine Black, The Lady wants to show you how nice it is to be their NS slave.Would not it be nice to be below her on the ground and then you fill?

A Taste Of Shart!!!

Slave awaits his Mistress in the toilet where he belongs, then his Mistress sits on his face smothering him then she farted and sharted at the same time!

No Need For Talking Part 5

Part 5 of the Movie ‘No Need for talking with Gabi’ .Here the Slave is already set up as Toilet with a Mouth Opener in Place comfortable for the Girls to use. The Girl just opens his Mouth with the Switch tied to his Arm, poops into him and after finishing she sits down on the Chair next to it and keeps her Shoe on his Mouth until he swallowed all and leaves. Movie has English Subtitles