Girl Peeing Jeans

Amateur Smear

I was in the middle of a shower when the urge to poop came over me. Guess I need to lather up and rinse. How else would I unwind after a stressful day at work?

Scatmeal For One P4

Lady Lisa pinches his nippels and pee and shit several times into the mouth of the toilet slave. He must swallow the shit and piss of Lisa. The Rubberdoll smoke a cigarette and use the mouth of the toilet slave as an ashtray. To the end Lady Lisa is standing on the toilet slave. While she trample him, he has to kiss the soles of Lady Lisa. Then he get a little bit more from her pee and shit. What a lucky toilet slave. That Lisa used him also as a spittoon is normal.

Satin Nightie Ripping And Pee

I am waiting for my lover horny as hell in my dark blue satin nightie, but he calls to tell me he won`t make it and gets me so furious that I start screaming! I was so horny and needed a hard cock that I get mad and started ripping my satin nightie – first a small rip, than more and more until nothing left. At the end I throw the satin pieces on the floor, stood in doggy and peed all over them!

S_cat Woman P4 Hd Version

Now he is there the toilet slave and is again confronted with a pile of shit, which should eat. When Mistress Michelle pushes the shit into the throat of the slave, the toilet slave suddenly begins to spits the crap out again. No problem for Mistress Michelle. She takes the shit and puts back on his mouth and makes it clear to him that if he should puke again, he must immediately eat his own puke. The shit looks like a gag. The new Scat Lady in the Catsuit spit on the pile of shit and begins to wank his cock. Unfortunately, the Scatqueens must realize that the slave can not cum. As a punishment he has to wank all day.