Girl Peeing On Person

Shitting In Seethrough Panties Then Feeding

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He Loves His Maid’s Wet Fart! – Full Movie

He has smelled so many farts in his lifetime but none can compare to the gas produced by the house’s maid. It’s the kind of wet fart that smells rotten, but he has a weird attachment to it. He coaxes the nanny to fart on his face every chance he gets. He makes her take off her panties, bends her down, and pushes his face near her asshole. He patiently waits for minutes to get a whiff of her fart. He even licks and fingers her asshole in order to stimulate it to produce more fart.

Monster Poop At Work!

I’m doing the night shift at work and of course, I have to poop! I have been taking a lot of fiber lately and damn is this a gigantic shit! If only I hadn’t taken the shit in the toilet bowl…if I had shit on the floor instead, you would have seen how big of a pile it was! Not to worry, you can still see the monster as it sits in the toilet, huge!!!

Used And Abused By Lady Ginger

Lady Ginger – young, dominant and evil. These slaves are all only little curs for her. So she does not mind to treat the helpless slaves butt with the chainwhip. The cruel nippleclamps are set on the slaves nipples without the adjustment screws, so the sharp claws press it with all their energy. She tramples and jumps on the slave until his skin goes red, then she continues her torture with the cane. His mouth is used as ashtray and cuspidor. In the end Lady Ginger needs to pee and lets the slave swallow it. Lady Ginger shows, how much mercy she has for those curs – none!