Girl Peeing Onahole

Scat Feeding Slave Reinhard

Slave Reinhard is used for the first time as a toilet slave. The mistress places him under her toilet chair. Immediately it starts. The first steaming pile plumps in the toilet bowl and from there directly into the slave mouth. The rest she stuffs him with his hand in the mouth. In the pitcher, the mistress has picked up some fat sausages from the morning toilet which are also fed to him. At the end he has to lick her dirty panties clean. After he has licked the floor clean, he may pull back.

Diarrhea Attack!

She is dressed to party and strolling at the mall waiting for her girlfriends when she felt her stomach grumble. She pays it no mind but when her insides start to hurt, she knows she has to find the nearest restroom. Sweating profusely and her asshole threatening to spurt wet and sticky diarrhea, she sprints to the ladies room. She tries in vain to take her panties off but her scat beat her to it; it burst out of her anus and drops to the floor. The miserable girl has no choice but to take her panties off and use it to wipe the shit off the floor. She leaves the restroom sans panties and goes on to meet her friends.

Lady Jasmine Black, Pissing Games In The Bathtub

Lady Jasmine Black uses her stylish bathtube not only for hot relaxing baths.No, she also uses it as a toilet !!Watch her while she is playing with her pee!

101.3.1 Divine Caviar And.. Eat

101.3.1 Best of this very long video 101 named ‘The Divine Bottom of Mistress Isabella’. After long time (clip 101.1 101.2.1 and 101.2.2) my slave become my wc and i make into his mouth a big and hard turd. I’m so Divine, i help him to eat it with a spoon and i let him to see (very well) my bottom. Don’t miss this clip! Mp4.