Girl Peeing Outdoor Bulge

Goddess Train Her Toilet To Swallow Her Kaviar

Mistress excite her toilet before using his mouth. She was dressed in a pair of pantyhose and order slave to worship her gorgeous body and high heels. Mistress wanna try today a foot gagging session and clean her legs, heels, hose . . .and to suffocate her slave with her foot or her ass. If slave comply her needs, she will go further and she will use him as her toilet slave for ever as a reward !! Then she order him to lay down and be ready for his fate : to ingest all her shit in a 10 minutes of real full toilet slavery !!!

Covered In Pee And Pissed In A Pillory!

During my visit at AmateureXtreme, I was also on hours, kept naked as a slave, in a pillory and had to serve all those present as a toilet! Because she me all pissed in my mouth and I had to swallow their piss, I had to pee, of course,too. So I was urinating, firmly fixed in the pillory, in High Arch as of. But, then I got a penalty!

Mouth Wide Open Toilet Slave Awaits!

As you know my toilet slave is always ready for me to give him my sweet piss or my stinky shit, here as always he wants to please me. He awaits my deposit with his mouth wide open. I took a piss and he cleans me up.

Dramatic Turn During Filming, Please Let Me Go

This is one of our best Movies and it did turn dramatic. The Slave from Europe cried and screamed, please no more, I can’t take it, to much, to much please…But the Girls showed no Mercy, you swallow this from all 6 of us. The recently invented Metal Plate by our Engineers, that keeps you from closing your Mouth, Headlock in a Steel Form, that made the perfect Setup, just keep shitting into him.All 6 Parts and English Subtitles