Girl Pees In Boyfriends Mouth

Spending The Night In The Office And Drinking Piss!

With a lot of work to do, a man and a woman are spending the night inside the office. However, they may have overestimated the needed time to do all the work since by midnight, they are already done! The abundancy of free time has led them to have malicious thoughts! Luckily, the two share the same sentiments and not long after, they are in the middle of take their clothes off! The woman then sits on top of a table with her legs spread apart! The guy is positioned in front of her, catching every drop of piss she can release into his mouth! After which, she turns around and has him eat her asshole, which he gladly and passionately performs! By the time she starts wanting more, she further strips off her clothes until she is completely naked! Then, she plays with her tits while the guy is busy eating and licking her vagina! The only time she has him stop is after she has quenched her urges!

I Poop In The Face Of My Toilet Slave

Mistress Giorgia is now in the final stages of training the toilet slave to have at her disposal a complete toilet …Today the lucky slave is made to lie down under the fantastic wc chair by Mistress Giorgia.The Mistress today is more sadistic than usual and wants his toilet ready: orders the toilet to open the mouth, the slave immediately executes the order and the Mistress immediately begins a plentiful piss straight into the mouth of the toilet. The slave quickly swallows all the precious nectar of the Mistress …Then Mistress Giorgia sits down with her feet on the slave’s belly, she enjoys a lot looking through the hole the toilet that is ready under her.The Mistress begins to push and soon two piece of shit are deposited on the face and mouth of the slave who struggles to breathe with Mistress’s shit in the face.Now Mistress Giorgia is satisfied! She gets up and looks pleased at her toilet that has the order to remain there indefinitely with the precious shit of Mistress on the face.Wonderfully sadistic Mistress Giorgia !!!!!!!!!

Detailed Show Of My Shit

As always, I make a big pile of shit. But I want you to be able to consider this wonderful pile in more detail! Look carefully – that was a cutlet, and it was spaghetti and a salad!))

Toilet Slave Training Extreme! Puke-snot-cum-cocktail!

Now the formation of the all-absorbing toilet slave walked on. After he had swallowed my shit and piss, I had for him an extreme surprise. I spits into a glass, then I gave the slaves a Deep Throat and puked and slobbered thereby also into the glass until the slave, also in the glass, squirts. This cocktail of snot, vomit and sperm had then drink completely the slave!