Girl Pees On Guy After Sex

Mistress Gaia – The Training Goes On

ENGLISH SPOKENThis ugly, fat slave is a another candidate for a position as human toilet in my harem. During his first session he could only sniff and lick my shit. Today, in my dungeon in Milan, I’m continuing his training: this time he must go further and I want him to put my shit in his mouth and swallow it. He is lucky, because I’m very full and I’m going to produce a huge amout of shit, together with a cup of my divine nectar . The meal is ready, slave, let’s start …..

Riding Time P4

Well, there’s dirt on the riding boots of Mistress Michelle, who is being licked by slaves. This human horse also licks a little better when Mistress Michelle spits on top of her riding boots. Then Mistress Michelle peeing into a container. Your piss looks delicious.

Human Public Toilet Continued

This captive specimen has been housed in this public toilet for sometime. His responsibility is to wait for each delivery of feces of pee from a total stranger. He never knows which he will get but on this occasion he is given a solid piece of pure sweet shit which he eagerly consumes. In line with his responsibility, after consuming the full load he cleans the ladies assholes with his hard working tongue.

My Shit Licked

Come and join in as I was in the kitchen on the ground and then have it crap rumlecke. It tastes just delicious to taste fresh shit. Well you get hungry too sweet?