Girl Piss Drinking And Shit Eatting

Scat Goddess Facesitting And Shit Feeding

Scat Goddess strike again. She love to play daily as you see and today smoke with her toilet slave in her bedroom. He stay on the floor and Scat Goddess put her legs in stockings on his mouth and face, suffocate him with them. She smoke and use him as ashtray while she make him a nice footjob and humiliate him. She spitting in his mouth and explain him that after smoking, he will be her full toilet again, because she love to use only humans as toilets ! She call him in bathroom and she make him full of shit on his mouth and face. She feed him with her gloves and at the end she put water on him to clean the mess. Scat goddess was dressed in some crotchless panty when she shitting in his mouth to have a better view of her gorgeous asshole while she shit. Again she was happy because another human toilet was feeded today by her ! Movie was recording from 2 angles, with video camera and smartphone samsung A5. This is version of video camera

Shitting At The Pajama Party! Part 2

They flip the covers and check out her bottom; there’s a huge shit stain across her bum! They laugh and decide that they will all shit in their pants. They made sure that they will not make a mess in the bed and covers!

Ms D’s Home Gps Spectacle

Ms D really put on a show in this one!! Damn that coffee had her taking monster bowel movements!! lol Sounded like she was giving birth!! Had her cursing and everything!! I don?t know about you, but there is nothing like the sound of hearing a woman struggling on the toilet! Sounded like she was skipping rocks on the river!! The grunts, plopz, and strains this woman makes are like no other!! I lost count of the splashes in this set! She was peeing like a racehorse too! Another classic Gruntin? and Strainin? logbirth adventure from my favorite ebony Amazon woman!! Coffee is the ultimate laxative!!