Girl Piss Drinking Pee

Mistress Gaia – A Clumsy Toilet Slave

ITALIAN SPOKENToday I’m am with this asshole slave. He never shuts up, always wants to have the last word, sometimes I can’t really stand him. Today he has a cold and has a husky voice but, nevertheless, he goes on talking; now he’s complaining that my dungeon is cold during the night and he gets sick. There is only a moment in which he stays quiet: when he’s eating my shit. Yes, because he is my human toilet and eating my shit is for sure what he can do best. Today, I first make him lick the soles of my dirty shoes; it’s a good appetizer for what is going to come. Then I need to empty my bladder: I put a funnel in his mouth, so that he has to drink everything and not even a drop is wasted. Unfortunately, this stupid slave is so wimpy that cannot hold the funnel in his mouth, spilling some pee on the floor and making me angry. Filling is open mouth with my shit is the right reward for his clumsiness. I squat with my asshole over his mouth; I have a lot of shit today and my slave cannot keep up swallowing, but I don’t care, he has to eat everything. I pick up the pieces fallen on the floor and put them into his mouth. But I’m not finished yet: I see the ashtray, which is full of old cigarette butts: they ends up into his mouth too. What a filthy sewer this slave is!!!!

Mistress Isabella: Torture Before Scat

This is one of my last video i done this summer during a 24/7 by me in Sardinia! It is 26 minutes of tortures not so hard to prepare my slave at scat. At the end of the video i begins with pee and a little poo but in the 279.2 you will see a lot of pee and the bigger turd you never see!!!!! mp4

The Looser P3 Hd Version

Lady Missy it does not matter if the toilet slave has already swallowed so much shit. Simply shits again. The slave lies on the ground. His whole face is full of shit. Never mind, Lady Missy puts the toilet paper directly on his face. Mistress Michelle pees on top. Then Lady Missy has the idea to stuff the whole rest of shit in the mouth of the slaves.

Alisiya Likes To Strip And Pee – Mov

The red haired Alisiya really likes to show you her hot body! With a smile in her face she starts to strip and show you all she has. While undressing she moves like a dancing queen! You can easily see how much fun she has! Standing naked in the bathtub she can not hold it any longer! She takes her hand, pressing them at the wall and starts to piss right to her feet. The hot and golden liquid flows and she is really turned on! Do you want to join her…?