Girl Piss In Street

Mistress Gaia – I Send My Chocolate

Here it is, hot hot, just out of the factory, my delicious and tasty chocolate only for you ?

Anal Speculum With Shit

I put a speculum in my asshole and spread it wide. when I take it out you can see a poop pile in the metal instrument.

Lady Laras First Time P1

Mistress Michelle sits on the slave’s face and takes his breath. When the slave jumps for air, you briefly give him the opportunity to breathe and sit back on his face and enjoy that moment. Then Mistress Michelle needs a loo and the slave can serve her as a human toilet. She pisses the slaves really much into the mouth. The slave then has to lick the rest of the ground. The two ladies sit comfortably on the couch and enjoy this sight.

Brave Toilet Slave

A Human Toilet should always work like this. First, he is admitted to a boat Worship, then he serves the ladies as a spittoon and finally as a living toilet. Miss Jane shits in his mouth and is amazed at how clean and fast everything is swallowed.Then Miss Cherie wants to try this toilet and shits into it also. A load of piss has to be accepted by the slave also. Without whine and complain devours all this livestock excreta of young girls. So a slave is maybe in the future used on private parties all ladies as only toilet. The test for him has certainly passed.