Girl Pisses On Guys Crotch

Meal For Toilet Slave

A slave like you has come to me to have me fulfill a huge turn on for you… a Mistress taking a dump in your mouth! Hey! What did I say, slave! I said no touching! Get down on the floor, no more games! I decide since you’ve disobeyed me that you’re a BAD slave, and you can forget getting a turd in your mouth–I’m giving you what you deserve! A load of shit on your face! Open your mouth slave, I can tell this is what you really wanted!

Pissing And Shitting Through Crotchless Catsuit In Bathtub

Because the toilet slaves were not available those days, Godess was again alone in her bathroom . . She feel so full and almost pee in her catsuit ! She is dressed in a black crotchless seethrough catsuit. She go into bathtub and empty her stomach asap ! She releasing a torent of piss and a shit into bathtub then washing her perfect body

Food For Slave Part 1

Food for slave, salade de Maîtresse Part 1

Shitting On A Shitty Gossip Magazine

I simply hate gossip magazines and my model-friend Demetra (23 years old) has the same feeling and point of wiew. So, we have decided to make a video, in which my young and beautiful friend had to shit directly on the pages of one of the most disgusting Italian fashion and gossip magazines. Demetra sets the shitty magazine on the floor, opening it at the point at which two bitches-models show their ridiculous outfits and… PLOP!