Girl Pissibg In Public

Peeing On Her Feet

Peeing on her feet (JJ000244)

Cruel Mistress Punishes Him With Shit On His Face! – Full Movie

He’s been a very bad boy lately, refusing to follow his whims. He must be punished real bad and she will do it the only way she knows best. She places a mask on him, wraps plastic around his body, and makes him lie down under the portable toilet. She sits on the toilet and then slowly unloads a steaming pile of wet shit right into his pathetic face. She spreads the shit all over him using her hands and feet. She makes him taste her shit and shows him who the real boss is around here.

Shit Eater First Timer

This guy wanted eat shit for the first time in his life. he was pretty nervous about it, but the cats dont care! They piss liters in his mouth and shit a big pile in his slave mouth! at the end they puke in a bowl, thats a gift for dinner at home!