Girl Poo Pants

Rosella Chocolate Biscuits! Special Biscuits Baked For A Fan!

Here I baked special chocolate cookies for a big fan of mine! Since my fan, of me, wanted to have cookies, which I refined with my Rosella chocolate! No problem, so I baked cookies for my fan and then shit on these biscuits and pissed on it! So that the cookies were nicely finished with shit and my piss. Afterwards I sent the biscuits, my fan, in a package, by mail, home!

Eat Poop And Shit Vomit

Today I have surprised for my shit-Eater. Long thick poop. Yes, suck it first, make blow job my shit, suck, bite, taste piece of shit. I’ll feed you everything and then… then I’ll fuck you right in the throat and whatever you spit out you’ll eat again. Time after time, I’ll feed you my shit and your shit vomit. Feed you full! Eat my shit, enjoy the taste.

Scatbitches – Camera 2 – Part 2

Introducing: Matilda and Amelia.Faces are hidden only in the preview pictures, in video there are no censorship.Hello guys, it is Matilda and Amelia.So this video you are facing should be probably called ¬ďAmelia, Losing Lesbo Virginity¬Ē because we decided to make lesbian video for you. And it was her first lesbian experience at all, And the most funny thing that it passed in so extreme surroundings:).So, here is our great video, Amelia doing fine, exploring her dirty and filthy sides.See yourself.Enjoy.

Aria’s Spack-kackow! Sharts And Logs!!

Good Lawd!! I don?t know what it is about Lady Aria?s Clips, but everytime I get a ding from her in my email my heart skips a beat!! I get super excited to watch her spread that juicy ass to pee and watch as she spreads her ass wide to watch those big turds slid out her ass!! The site of her ?winking eye? Expanding from a lowercase ?o? to an uppercase ?O? is just OMG if you can peep what I mean!! Enjoy this great five clip set as she gives us Three at work dumps and then followed by two at home. She even shows off that sexy thick body of hers as she gets butt ass nekkid in the final clip!! Enjoy her grunts and strains as these logs fall out!! Each Aria clip is certified Excellence!! A nice mix of nuggets, logs and Monster Booty Snakes!! A few good poots and sharts mixed in for good Measure