Girl Pooing And Peeing On Bed

Alina Big Pooping Toilet In The Morning

Alina BIG pooping toilet in the morning

2 Full Toilet Slaves Only 4 Me

After a nice vacation on the seaside Godess come back more bizarre and more kinkier !! She call her 2 loial full toilet slaves and ask them if they are ready to receive her gifts. She prepare them a nice meal, liquid meal for today !! She tease them, put them to sniff her shoes, to smell and lick her stockings, lick her feet and stroke their cocks for her pleasure. She use a whip to be sure they understand their fate. Then she put them down, one beside another, with their mouths open wide . . . and fill their mouths with a huge diarrhea !!! They stroke cocks until one of them cumming hard, eating her Diarrhea


The cock stucks in a testicle-pillory, the feet and hands are fixed. We have positioned our defenseless slave to play a bit. Completely at our mercy, he has to endure everything what Miss Jane and I will do to him and his genitals now. To drink, he gets our piss and as a main course I give him my fresh caviar.

Look From Rear To

like my Riesnkackwurst plumst in the toilet, splashing Klowasser on my ass and after peeing, ass wipe and pulling .. the remnants remain in the toilet 🙂